Recipe Tips

Cooking is an inexact science.  Because no two vegetables or pieces of meat are exactly the same size, and no two grills or ovens heat to exactly the same temperature, it is generally impossible for a recipe to give an exact cooking time for the preparation of any item.  As a result, Chef Mike suggests that people view recipes, including the ones that he and his brother Nick have developed for Gunther’s (recipes), as generalized guidelines rather than as rigid formulas.  Good ingredients, some common sense, and taking the time to learn a little about how different foods cook will allow you to surprise yourself, impress your friends and family, and avoid becoming a slave to recipes. Intense culinary training, fancy knife skills, acquaintance with French cooking terms, and expensive cookware are not necessary.

With all of the above having been said, just remember that cooking is supposed to be fun.  Experiment, change ingredients, replace those that you do not like, invent a new dish. In the end, and no matter what your mother told you, playing with your food is a good thing.

Please feel free to try, and to change to your liking, the various Gunther’s recipes.

Chef Mike and Nick would love to hear how your efforts turned out.

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